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#Redraw OK #Original #pixiv #transformers #optimusprime WNN, perdónnn, hace poco me vi Transformers y estaba esta consigna, y no quería hacer cualquier wea genérica y me acorde de este csm lajdsjlaksñakl. Y nada, salió eso porque soy un enfermo jiji ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ. (por cierto, es Transformers del 86, la animada jiji)
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Here's human Soundwave, plus Lazer beak! I wanted him to look super cool, I think I got it. He's not wearing a mask because of...you know, and yes, those are speakers on his shoulders. #transformers
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Here's some fan art so far of Ratchet from Transformers Cyberverse! I recently got back into Transformers and thought I'd draw one of my favorite characters! Enjoy! #transformers #fan art #Ratchet
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"TAKE VENGENCE. DO IT FOR THEM." 魔法少女メガトロン。 Concept Art for a scene. ☆☆☆ #transformers #madokamagica #crossover
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Streaming today! Until this concept art is complete. 本日より配信開始 このコンセプトアートが完成するまで What is this ... Transformers!? この.... とは トランスフォーマーか!? Starting soon~ もうすぐ始まるよ~。 #transformers #crossover #livestream
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