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Finally finish~ Rimuru illustration from my last stream. I love this manga/anime. #rimurutempest #slime #clipstudiopaint Weekly drawing stream Sunday night: https://twitch.tv/sangzhime YouTube: https://YouTube.com/c/SangzHime Tip jar (get HD phone wallpaper and art): https://ko-fi.com/sangzhimeart
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Illustration from last night stream. Im not done with this yet. I want to add his slime form next to him. #rimurutempest #fanart #clipstudiopaint #digitaldrawing Weekly drawing stream, every Sunday 9PM Australia time. https://twitch.tv/sangzhime
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ok ..iam colour my Rimuru #art #rimurutempest #rimuru
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"俺和ただ野スライムだよ。" -Rimuru Tempest . "I'm just a slime." #rimurutempest
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#rimuru #rimurutempest #転生したらスライムだった件 lo hice el día 19 de enero del 2021 en medibang paint pro y display xppen artista 13.3 v2 (no logro trabajar como quiero pero se que después lo haré)
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