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It's ok to be sad. But don't let the depression get the best out of you. This is how my mind looks like when i'm overthinking and depressed. I can't focus. The dark smog is everywhere and ruining everything, making me feel ashamed, and bad about myself, sad about thing that aren't even relatable anymore. Don't listening to this monster, don't let the smog, blind your talent, your art. Don't let the smog blind your from your life. Fight back, day per day, create some clouds, that will make that smog fade away. Cry as the clouds's cracking sometimes. And... Let the sun shine throught you, healing your from those years of darkness. #Depression #depressed #sad #sadness #motivation #リドローOK
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#米 #進化 #motivation えっ、、、って顔
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#米 #アナログ #オリジナル #motivation 友達100人できるかな なんっつて😂
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