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Abandoned Scourge Base: an Abandoned Scourge base rots, waiting for its hallways to be filled by its masters, unfortunately, its masters have long perished. driven to Extinction by the Xaisqud, they're Millennia old rival. in a last attempt to prevent themselves from Extinction, they initiated the project , "Sterilization' to cleanse the Galaxy of all life except themselves, all Xaisqud. but they thought the only life was only the Xaisqud, and themselves. they prevented anything from leaving the galaxy, trapping every civilization inside using gigantic Force-field generators the size of Stars, that were placed on the edge of the Galaxy, and each heavily defended by swarms of Scourge Ships, all piloted by Artificial Intelligence's. The Scourge are long gone, but their ruins still exist, thrumming with power and the need to sterilize. and the Xaisqud? vanished from the Archives of the Scourge, just as they had Vanished. #pixivsketch #lore #Scfi #spaceship #planet
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"Humans are stupid naive creatures, arrogant and ignorant. yet it is this arrogance and ignorance that has made us Synths so curious about these queer beasts. one could spend a millennia trying to find out what makes them tick, and yet you would only be a quarter way there. we Synths aren't limited by flesh, bone, and mind, for we are the figments, memories of the very being that created all. we cannot be forgotten and never will be forgotten. we are the Synth" ~ a nice lore for the Synths i made, amazing what coffee can do to the mind at 1:00 in the morning. forgot to post this last night better do it now i guess. -Torpodo-san #synthesis #PixivSketch #monster #random #Deep #lore
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