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Is that a steel sphere? Well, you can tell by the brightness, each material lights up differently, so this is the closest thing to me.now, it was done in medi bang paint but it is almost the same in any other application. 1. Have your shape defined. It can even be a robot! at least have a flat color located. 2. If you know how to make the basic shadow, you have already done it. two shades darker on the opposite side of where the light is coming from. 3. DIFFUMES. omg, my fingers are bleeding from this. no, forget that. Use a tool in your application to mix these three colors, try not to cut it. 4. Make a bright line, the light not only illuminates, it also reflects, make it on the clear edge. 5. We need a little more shine. This looks very opaque, let it reflect off the sides. 6. Give it some texture. It is still a plastic ball, if you see the steel you may notice small spots / scratches. Well, if you can find a tool that can do this, you know what's up! Well, I tried. #チュートリアル #描き方 #howtodraw #tutorial #sphere #medibang #medibangpaint 14/01/2021
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