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"Hey! Why don't we have a hot pot for dinner? It has been a long time,, " -I love the scene when they are all together ! stay safe everyone! #Osomatsu_san #Hot_pot #art_by_me
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I'll save this till Lunar new year uwu #Osomatsu_san #sketch #ready_to_draw
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uh I had a nervous breakdown a couple mins ago and I ended up with drawing Totty face like that :0 I still love him #Osomatsu_san #Sketch
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nothing here this is just a sketch and I'm just feel kinda I need something new and btw I drew Osomatsu it doesn't mean that I'm not draw Splatoon ok with that? #Osomatsu_san #Osomatsu #Sketch
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I can literally tell you're looking at two lil kids playing with each other uwu #Jyushimatsu #Eitarou #Osomatsu_san
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