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#SketchDraw#New#こんにちは English: Hi,I'm new around here! This is my first drawing,I would like you to tell me what my mistakes were. Japan: こんにちは, 私はこのあたりで新しいです! これは私の最初の絵です、私はあなたに私の間違いが何であったかを教えて欲しいです
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Hi there 👋 I'm new here~ this is just silly draw :' Please rate 1-10 my draw! You can re draw to~ Thank you and enjoy :) #New #Skecth #PencilAndEraser
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1st Post i'm sharing. I make better artwork so yeah :) - I can make you logos for - 1 Robux Giftcard [New Customers Get Their First One Free] yup XD dm me on insta if your interested @random_random_ok2 #Logo #Instagram #Paid/Free #New
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Just trying out this new sketching app, I didn't knew what to draw at the moment #Sketch #New #Colorful
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