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Getting through daily training, I found myself face to face with a dilemma - should I use predictive stroke at this level, or not...? D: On one side - it is easier to progress at the beginning. On the other side, I still can't get nice lines, which is a basic.... :| #AutodeskSketchBook #Learning
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I was advised to check Autodesk Sketchbook app. Well, it is not hard app to learn, but I got a bit confused on the beginning. Comparing to Pixiv Sketch, Autodesk got TONS of options and even more brushes. Took me one hour to find one I like, and still I spent next hour checking what other brushes can do, then downloaded more brushes, and more, and so on... I couldn't sleep at night, so this is probably all I can do today if I don't feel better ,_, #Learning #AutodeskSketchBook
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Still trying! I think I can handle some simple characters heads sketch, and one of few will not be a potato :) I'm still trying to learn drawing eyes, though I can do only one side for now. Also trying some colouring. #Learning
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3rd sketch with nothing but me learning. And meme drawing :) #Learning
Still trying. My circles are bad as hell x) But i kinda get it now how tablet works. Well, basics at least... #Learning
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Trying to get used to tablet. Also trying to draw basic things.... #Learning
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