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Training traiiining ! #Training #Sketch #Hand Awh man, i'm soo tired and depressed i can't put any effort in my sketchs actually ... and i got stuck when i tried drawing an hand soo.... Yey training time. I mean... It's kinda hard to draw when you're just super duper sad and can't talk about it to anyone, even your parents. I'm just, tanking that, and try to walk again. Even tho i'm on the ground, crawling haha... I think i'll get help sooner or later about my chronical depression. It's getting really out of hands nowdays, surely because of the pandemic crisis and the fact that i'm a loner too. Yeah i didn't saw any other human beings since 3/4 years now. Except my parents and my sis, at least, there is that. .. .i feel awkward while going outside. 10 times more when somebody watch me 1000 times more when someone talk to me. I think i got, somehow, acclimated to not be social IRL. I can't even... recognize old friends anymore. I feel like everything is gone too. Can't recognize myself in super old photos. I'm feeling like i'm some sort of a monster ? I don't know how to describe this feeling i have. I feel like i'm almost no longer on the same page as other people. Yes, the only thing i can feel. Is the memories of the happiest moment in my life. And the pain of the worst moments. *sight* I guess we all need some "character developpement", nah ?
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A sketch test #Red-haired #Hand drawn #PaleSkin #Girl #Sketch
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I tried scribbling and I didn’t expect that my hand would literally fit in the drawing. 😯🤚 #Scribble #Pastel #practice #Hand
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