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I followed you because your illustrations are really beautiful. Thank you too for the kind follow-back. Yoroshiku ne! ^_^ #reply #Appreciation
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Arigatou too! haha, nevermind if you can't speak english. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!! XD #reply #Appreciation
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Thank you too! Yoroshiku ne! :D #Appreciation #reply
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#Appreciation #kannamukai #感謝 #カンナムカイ とても遅くなってしまいすみません(;´д`) I am sorry that I became very late (; 'д `) あなたのカンナちゃんの絵、とても可愛い! Your picture of Kanna, it is very cute! I will follow you m(_ _)m
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waa~ So cute..!! It really suits the puppy <3 Yes, thank you too! domo yoroshiku onegaishimasu! XD #Appreciation #reply #puppy
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Thanks 4 the follow-back. I like your drawings because they are all very cute! Keep up the good work!! XD #Appreciation #reply
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I'm grateful 4 your follow-back! The way you coloring are nice. By the way, i also like Magi! XD #Appreciation #reply
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Thanks 4 the follow-back. I appreciate it! What a coincidence to become your 100th follow, LOL XD Hope you don't mind i use english.. i still haven't learn how to write japanese yet. :) #Appreciation
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Thank you very much for the reply! I also love your drawings, they're really cute <3 This is actually the first reply that i got, so it's really special! Domo yoroshiku onegaishimasu! #Appreciation
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#hatsunemiku #Appreciation 遅くなってすみません(;´д`) Sorry for being late (; 'д `) あなたのミクの絵、とても綺麗です! Your Miku picture is very beautiful! フォローさせていただきますm(_ _)m I will follow you m (_ _) m
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