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#JoshBeta1 #80年代風 #覆面 #オレっ娘 #ガイノイド #ロングヘア #可愛い #オリジナルキャラクター #褐色 #リドローOK I know people usually confuses my characters Claire Beta 2 (my female self-insert O.C.) and Random (my female Persona) with each other. So, in order to clarify this matter, I made this drawing, along with this post: http://www.patreon.com/posts/48603916 It includes the history behind my characters, how I designed them, and how I improved their designs, along with a little tutorial that I made thanks to the collaboration with user/9988077 and with user/14114331 , who is my most loyal fan, patron, and friend. Without their help, perhaps I had quitted drawing forever, specially during these latter hard, rough times. If you like the content, I invite you to join my Patreon or my Fanbox as patron, where I post my newest W.I.P.'s and other more content related to my artwork and likes. xD
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クマとカエルが、リバーシブルになっている件 #カエル #クマ #覆面
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ヒーローショーのアクターさんとレディー。 #覆面
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Mr.KEEP OUT #覆面 空気椅子…。(←)
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