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Loopy~ 😁🤗 I thought that i could help but it was late, 😅 so i did an apple picnic for Lou ☺🐇, my own characters also baked treats made of apples~😋🍎🥧 come and join us to the picnic with Lou! 😍😊 #reply #Rabbit #Apples #Pie #Picnic #Girls #Analog #Pencildrawing
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Hi,janellen 😊✨✨ Wow!Apple picnic with Lou sounds so exciting 🍎✨🍏 Lou in a dress with apron looks so lovely ☺️ Being together with your characters, she must be very happy! How good the big Apple pie and other apple sweets they are having! I’m so happy that you drew it ♡ Thank you 😊🍎🐰🍀✨
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You are most welcome Loopy!😆I, too am so glad that you and Lou liked it~☺ I was quite worried that i used my art style on your dear Lou😅 but even so, i am also thankful for your delightful poetry on your comment that i noticed~ ✨💕☺
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