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The finished version of my father's portrait. 💛💛💛 #Sketch #Anime #Love #Man #Characters #Markers #Artwork #Dad #WhiteHair
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I haven't tried to draw my father in a while. I used to drawn him like a wolf, and today I wanted to portray him as a human. Before that, I've never drawn mens in the anime style, and I can't be sure I'm doing well. I'd love to see my dad again and hug him. We haven't seen each other in a while. I'm a wild miss. Please come back! I will never surrender and will wait for our meeting. In fact, he has long white hair with a blue tint, but I did not have the right marker. So I painted gray. Maybe someday I'll give my dad this picture. I guess he'd be very happy. Dad, I love you! Forever yours, Himelin. ☆ ⌒ ヽ (* ' 、 ^ *) Chu Music: Sergey Lazarev - Your love is so beautiful #Artwork #Dad #Anime #Love #Markers #Sketch #Characters #WhiteHair #Man
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