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"Mr. Grades x Me: 'Thinking about how to make it up to you'" Art by Marylu So here's another art by Me and again I made it at midnight 'till dawn and thanks to the software and my beloved computer mouse that I was able to express my feelings about my grades through Art. Short Story behind the image (Based on my imagination I was able to create Art) so bear with their 'Sweet' conversation Me: I'm Sick yet I still have to study for the upcoming finals and how about you? Grades: It's alright, I won't run. It depends on how you treat me. *smirk Me: *Frowns Grades: *Touches her cheeks. Hey, I'm always here for you unless you ran away from me again. Me: *Bows her head I've hurt you, ran away from you but amidst those terrible things I've done to you, you were still here waiting for me and I hoped to my self that I won't do that to you again. Grades: *Soothes her cheeks Yeah, I believe you. Me: *Raises her face and Blushed So, I'm not going to run away, I'm going to save this relationship and I'm thinking about how to make it up to you so wait and see how strong this relationship would be. Grades: *Grin and raises his hand Alright then, HIGH-FIVE!!! ...... To be continued, joke. #College #Finals #Art
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