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pixiv Live Guidelines

pixiv Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "we", "us", "our company") establishes the following guidelines for the operation and use of pixiv's Live function (hereinafter referred to as "this service").

1 Provisions

Since these guidelines are guidelines set independently by our company, they are arbitrarily changed at our discretion as a result of changes in society and the environment.

2 Addition of age restriction · About deletion of works

Our team verifies thumbnails, live contents, titles and content explanations and can add age restrictions, change privacy settings and interrupt the broadcast. When we find a broadcast infringing the prohibited acts and contents listed below, we may add an age restriction, change the privacy settings, forcibly terminate your broadcast and suspend or delete your pixiv account and pixiv Sketch account. Please understand that we cannot disclose the reason why we decided to take one of the measures listed above.

3 Prohibited Acts

Distribution of acts and contents corresponding to the following is strictly prohibited. When we judge that your acts and contents fall under the prohibited acts and broadcast contents, we may suspend the Live and suspend/delete your pixiv account and pixiv Sketch account.

  1. Acts infringing the rights of other users, our company and other third parties

    1. Acts of defamation by posting a user's ID, a picture ID and others on this service or other websites.

    2. Contents that might threaten other users or damage them economically or mentally.

    3. Posting personal information about yourself or other users

    4. Broadcasting a live with the goal of collecting and exchanging personal information about other users

    5. Asking and revealing personal information to other users

      ※Personal information includes telephone number, home address, email address, MyNumber etc.

    6. Acts that infringe, violate or misappropriate any third-party copyright

    7. Uploading any contents (text, images, sounds, videos) that you do not have the rights to or are otherwise not authorized to use.

  2. Acts that constitute infringement to social ethics and that break the law

    1. Excessively violent and disgusting scenes, cruel or violent contents
    2. Contents and act that push personal views in an extreme way
    3. Praising and encouraging anti-social acts
    4. Contents that promote discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion or nationality
    5. Promoting religious cults, expressing strong political beliefs
    6. Acts that promote killing, abuse, self-harm, suicide
  3. Commercial use

    1. Promoting MLM organizations, network businesses etc
    2. Broadcasting contents aimed at commercial advertisement or for promotional purposes

    ※Promoting art books or goods you created yourself is allowed

  4. Sexually explicit contents that violate the law

    1. Exposed genitals
    2. Contents involving pornography and sexual intercourse
    3. Contents portraying obscene acts
    4. Contents involving exploitation of minors

    ※Censored (mosaic filter etc) contents are not subject to the limitations above. Distribution of contents portraying sexual intercourse before they've been censored is strictly forbidden.

  5. Acts of harassment

    1. Any content or activity that can harm or offend other users
    2. Any content or activity that harasses other users
    3. Posting large amounts of repetitive messages, spamming
  6. Acts aimed at encounters of sexual nature

    1. Promoting prostitution or services involving prostitution
    2. Posting links to adult websites
    3. Other contents aiming at or promoting obscene acts
  7. Other prohibited acts

    1. Collecting users' information using web crawler software and other similar services
    2. Any acts that might put an extreme load on the server
    3. Impersonating an individual, organization or a member of pixiv
    4. Broadcasting contents that are completely unrelated to creative activities
    5. Other acts that moderators might consider inappropriate

    ※Prohibited acts are subject to change without prior notice

4 About age restricted broadcasts

This service requires users to set an age restriction for all those contents that might be considered inappropriate for those under 15 and 18 years old. Please make sure to set the appropriate age restriction at the start of your broadcast.

  1. R-18: you broadcast features contents that might be inappropriate for viewers under the age of 18.

    1. Expressions that directly or indirectly evoke sexual intercourse
    2. Description and depiction of sex acts and masturbation
    3. Nudity, exposure of genitals
    4. Description and depiction of obscene acts even if the characters are wearing clothes
    5. All those contents that imply, express, imitate and suggest sexual arousal and that don't apply to R-15.
    6. Description and depiction of ejaculation and other excretions
  2. Excessively violent and disgusting scenes, cruel or violent contents

    1. Exposure of damaged human body, brain and internal organs
    2. Anti-social expressions, such as suicidal behaviors, murderous behaviors and sexual crimes
  3. R-15: you broadcast features contents that might be inappropriate for viewers under the age of 15.

    1. Sex-related scenes
      1. Exposure of underwear (including transparent clothes, stocking, tights)
      2. Excessive skin exposure
      3. Characters wearing revealing clothes that emphasize chest and hips
      4. Objects associated to sexual acts such as condoms, sex toys, collars
  4. epresentations of violent and fearful scenes

    1. Fight scenes that include bloodshed
    2. Body restraint

5 About censorship (mosaic processing etc)

  1. Censorship and mosaic processing must be operated regardless of the artwork quality and must be based on visual judgment
  2. It must be operated so that it's impossible to retrace and recreate the original illustration
  3. It includes contour lines
  4. Censorships that don't completely obscure inappropriate contents (i.e. transparent ones) are not considered valid
  5. Mosaic processing must be operated according to the following:
    1. Square mosaic of 4x4px or more. If the image is 400px or more, pixel squares must be calculated according to the size of the canvas (canvas length x 1/100).
  6. Censorship by applying a thick layer of color is permitted as long as it covers all inappropriate parts.
  7. Censorship by applying white liquids and any other kind of censorship is permitted as long as it's applied to all parts that need to be concealed.

6 Example of contents that require censorship

  1. Genitals or parts reminiscent of genitals

  2. Sexual acts, acts that resemble penetration

  3. Depiction of anuses and acts that resemble penetration

  4. Unnecessarily detailed and excessively expressed cuts, lacerations etc.

    ※Distribution of contents before they've been censored is strictly prohibited. Please start your broadcast after you're done censoring the necessary parts.

7 Additional clauses

  • Revision on 2018/7/12
  • Enacted on 2017/12/19

Rewards Reception Terms of Use

The following Reward Program Terms of Use (hereinafter "terms") state conditions which define the proper usage of the reward program (hereinafter "program") available on pixiv, pixiv Sketch and other related services provided by pixiv Inc. (hereinafter "our company", "we", "us", "our").

Rewards are provided by the company to the producer based on the evaluation of content released on the company’s platform. By agreeing to this contract and participating in the program, the user will be able to receive the rewards.

Article 1. About this agreement

  1. Matters not covered by these Terms shall apply to Terms of Use, Live Function Guidelines, pixiv Terms of Use (hereinafter Terms of Use) prescribed by our company.
  2. Calculation, acquisition, and conversion of rewards shall be as set forth in Article 4.
  3. Users must agree to these Terms in order to participate in this program.

Article 2. Purpose of this program

This program aims to revitalize communication between creators and their fans and to support creative activities.

Article 3. Terms of Use of this program

In order to use this program, it is necessary to meet certain conditions. Details of these conditions will be explained separately on the service page, and the user shall agree to the content of the explanation prior to using this program.

Article 4. Rewards

  1. Using this program, rewards will be assigned at the discretion of our company based on the popularity of contents and reactions. The rewards accumulated can be converted to p Points or cash above a certain amount.
    1. Calculation of reward After taking part in this program, rewards will be calculated starting from the date the content was offered. In addition, rewards are calculated on a monthly basis.
    2. Acquisition of reward Users can participate in this program and after the prescribed period of time, they can earn rewards by the method specified by our company. (When using the Live function to broadcast contents with multiple people, only the owner can earn rewards. The owner is the administrator for distributing multiple people.)
    3. Reward conversion
      1. When converting rewards to be received by bank transfer, the amount receivable will be calculated as per Article 4 Section 1 of this program. When receiving as pixiv Points, the amount receivable is calculated as per a rate established by each service.
      2. Only individual users can convert the reward into cash. Corporations and organizations can only acquire p Points. Bank accounts are limited to domestic bank accounts. In addition, when collecting the reward in cash, the transfer fee will be borne by the user and the converted amount will be deposited with the transfer fee deducted.
    4. Expiration date of the reward Rewards expire 90 days from their acquisition. If 90 days pass without converting the rewards earned to p Points or cash, the rewards will be revoked.
  2. Further details of these conditions will be explained separately on the service page, and the user shall agree to the content of the explanation prior to using this program.

Article 5. User's responsibility

Before using this program, the user shall agree to the following.

  1. They must content that complies with pixiv's Terms and Conditions and Live Function Guidelines.
  2. If the user is a minor, please confirm this agreement with a legal representative (such as a custodian) and obtain the consent of the legal representative before using this program. Minors using this program are deemed to be using it with the above consent of a legal representative.

Article 6. Prohibited matters

  1. If our company determines that the user's actions fall under any of the following, we may take measures such as the suspension of rewards, the cancelation of already earned rewards, account deletion, etc.
    1. Usage for inappropriate purposes
    2. Allowing third parties to use the system
    3. Causing interference or disturbance to third party content
    4. Other acts in violation of the terms of use
  2. The user agrees that, if found in contravention of the regulations above, they will lose the qualification to receive rewards (including both p Points and cash). In addition, if troubles with third parties arise out of or in connection with the participation in this program, the user guarantees to resolve them at their own risk and to not cause any inconvenience to our company.

Article 7. Disclaimer

  1. Our company will not be involved in any disputes that may arise due to the use of this program. In addition, the operating company shall not bear any responsibility for these disputes, and the distributor agrees to compensate all so that the operating company will not bear any losses and damages due to these disputes.
  2. Our company shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect damages arising out of or in connection with the use of this program.
    1. When delivery is suspended (regardless of the existence of reasons attributable to the responsibility of the operating company)
    2. Malfunction of aggregation programs, data loss, etc.
    3. Troubles during payment or point conversion
    4. If participation in this program was not accepted due to system problems, etc.
  3. The operating company shall not be responsible for any damage caused by the use or unavailability of this program, regardless of whether it is foreseeable or not, and regardless of direct or indirect damage. However, that this shall not apply in cases where the reasons directly attributable to the occurrence of damages are caused by the willful or gross negligence of our company.

Article 8. Treatment of personal information

Our company will use the personal information acquired on this program for identity verification and for granting Rewards (including payments by cash etc.). Other handling of personal information shall be based on the handling of personal information section of pixiv's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Article 9. Changes to these Terms

Our company can change these terms arbitrarily. When changing this agreement, our company will notify users of the change, the contents of the change, and the timing of effectiveness on the website of the program. By using the service it, the user agrees to the changes to these Terms.

Article 10. About changes/termination of this program

  1. The operating company can change the contents of this program or terminate its operation due to circumstances of the operating company. In the event that the operating company terminates the provision of this service, in principle, the operating company will inform the user on the website of the program in advance or make a public announcement.
  2. The operating company shall not take any responsibility even if the user suffers damage due to the change or termination according to the preceding paragraph.

Article 11. Governing law and jurisdiction

With regard to any dispute or problem arising out of or in connection with the use of this program, these Terms and Conditions shall be governed in accordance with the laws of Japan The user agrees to be interpreted under this law. Additionally, the Tokyo District Court has exclusive first instance jurisdiction for all disputes arising regarding this service.

Additional clauses

This agreement will come into force on July 12, 2018.

  • Revised August 15, 2018
  • Established July 12, 2018

Live Shoutouts Feature Terms of Use

Article 1. Introduction

  1. These terms of use (hereinafter referred to as “terms”) apply to all actions taken by the user while utilizing the services “pixiv” ( https://www.pixiv.net ) and “pixiv Sketch” ( https://sketch.pixiv.net ) managed by pixiv Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”).
  2. This contract stipulates the terms of use of the feature. You will be able to utilize the feature upon agreeing to the contract.
  3. By utilizing the feature, you are agreeing to abide by all the terms stated in this contract.

Article 2. Definition of Terms

The meanings of the terms used in this contract will be further explained in this section.

  1. “pixiv” and “pixiv Sketch” will be referred to as “this service”.
  2. The “shoutouts” feature (hereinafter referred to as “this feature”) is a function that allows the sending of paid reactions to live streaming contents on this service.
  3. “Emoji” are reactions that can be carried out if purchased using “pixiv points”. You will be able to access the “send emoji” function thereafter. In response to this, users who are sent the emoji will be able to “accept the emoji”.
  4. The “live feature” is a function that allows users to stream videos in real time.
  5. Other websites utilizing the membership services under “pixiv” (pixiv Comic https://comic.pixiv.net, pixiv Novel https://novel.pixiv.net, pixiv Arts and Literature https://pixiv-bungei.net, pixiv Sketch https://sketch.pixiv.net) will be referred to as “related services”.
  6. People who have signed up for membership to pixiv and related services will be referred to as “users”.
  7. Users utilizing the new feature will be referred to as “feature-using users”. “Live streaming” is the function of streaming videos in real time.

Article 3. Extent of Terms

  1. This service is to be utilized under the terms of this contract as well as other terms of use as previously stated. Regardless of the name, other terms of use will be considered a part of this agreement.
  2. In the event that differences arise between this contract and other terms and conditions, the latter should be taken as the priority.

Article 4. Modifications

  1. These terms can be changed at the discretion of the company at any time.
  2. The updated contract will be effective immediately unless otherwise specified by the company.
  3. If the user continues to use the service or function after any changes it is assumed that they have agreed to the new terms and conditions.

Article 5. Privacy Policy

The personal information of all users will be handled appropriately under the company’s privacy policy.

Article 6. Usage of the feature

  1. This live feature enables users to share their creative process of drawing illustrations and manga with other users.
  2. This feature is one means for users to deliver paid reactions, differentiated from other reactions, in response to live streaming hosted by other users.
  3. Feature-using users can use the required pixiv points to purchase the desired quantity and type of emoji.
  4. Purchased emoji cannot be exchanged or refunded. Additionally, emoji cannot be deleted once sent.

##Article 7. User Responsibility

  1. All acts made and outcomes resulting from the usage of the feature will be taken as the responsibility of feature-using users.
  2. All responsibility lies in feature-using users when sending and receiving emoji. The company will not be liable for any emoji received or sent while using the feature.

Article 8. Prohibited Acts

  1. Feature-using users may not carry out the following acts while using the service. In the event of violation, negative actions such as forced membership withdrawal; the termination, suspension or changes in accessibility to the live streaming; or the refusal of access to the feature. (However, the company is neither obliged to take responsibility for the actions nor to disclose the reasons behind the actions taken.)
  2. Combining multiple emoji or repeatedly using the same emoji (not limited to these acts) to express discrimination against race, ethnicity, gender, age or other expressions of self.
  3. Utilizing the feature excessively to the point of interfering with the service server, or causing damage to the operations, network or system of the server, or the suspicion of doing so.
  4. Carrying out acts that contravene the law, violate the terms of service, or violate the rights of others as deemed by the company. Creating multiple accounts to purchase and send emoticons to oneself.
  5. Other acts deemed inappropriate by the company.

Article 9: Changes to the Service

  1. The company reserves the right to edit, suspend or terminate the service without prior notice.
  2. The company does not assume any responsibility for the modification, suspension or termination of the service.

Article 10: Prices of Emoji

The prices of emoji are as stated on the screen of the live streaming function.

Article 11: Disclaimer

  1. The company will not interfere in the communication between users. Even in the event of a dispute between users, the responsibility lies in the users to resolve it, and not the company.
  2. If deemed necessary by the company, the feature may be changed, suspended or discontinued at any time without prior notice. In this case, the company will not be liable for any damages caused by these changes. This applies to cases where display speeds are compromised due to excessive access or other unforeseen reasons.
  3. The company is not obliged to manage and store the content streamed by users.
  4. The company assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and legality of the content streamed, even if the content streamed concerns companies or organizations the user belongs to. The company reserves the right to view. save and show the streamed content to third parties in following situations. The company will not assume responsibility for any damage caused to the user in these cases.
    1. When there is a need to clarify the cause of, or solve technical problems related to the service.
    2. Under a formal inquiry from the police or other organizations as required by the law.
    3. When there is a need to clarify the content uploaded due to suspicious of violates of the terms of agreement as determined by the company.
    4. In emergency situations where there are threats to human life, body or property as deemed by the company.
    5. When it is required for the proper operation of the website or other related websites.
  5. In the event that there is enough reason for the company to believe there has been a violation of the terms of agreement, the company is not responsibility for any damages resulting of the forced membership withdrawal of the user, or the suspension, deletion or restriction of any content released.

Article 12. Responses to Acts of Violation

  1. If the user has violated the guidelines of the live streaming feature or other terms and conditions, the following actions may be taken against the user if deemed necessary by the company or any other related companies. (However, the company is neither obliged to assume responsibility for these actions nor to disclose the reasons behind the actions taken).
    1. Requests for the suspension, deletion or modification of the live streaming.
    2. Suspension, deletion or restriction of the live streaming such that it cannot be watched.
    3. Forced withdrawal from the membership system.
  2. Users may not object to the measures taken if incurred.

Additional clauses

  • Established July 12, 2018