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Happy Birthday Yuugi Mutou 🎉🎉 Yuugi Mutou is a Duel Monsters Master in the first series and he always a shy boy who is really short for his age. Yuugi always gets teased in school, more importantly he was always alone, but when his grandfather Sugoroku Mutou gives him a rare item called a Millennium Puzzle and Yuugi had to work so hard to put all the pieces back together, when he was finished it, something amazing happened there was a spirit inside the Millennium Puzzle, his name is Yami he doesn't know his true name, but someday he'll find it, more importantly with those two working together as a team they'll always take down the forces of evil and Yuugi has made many friends in his journey. P.S. I'm still doing Digimon I just want to show you some big or small action, adventure, harem, comedy animation shows #art #sketch #yugioh #anime
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