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Recently my friend Ren had a birthday. And this is my gift to you! I'm sorry I detained him, I had a problem with my hands, but now I feel better and I can draw again! I hope you find what you want in your life. And you'll be happy. I love you very much and always happy to talk. I wish I could be near you on your birthday.. But thanks for the nice talk. I was happy. Let's always stay Friends like Hime and Pero in this picture! I hope that soon spring will come everywhere and everyone is happy! Happy Birthday!! *singing* ( ´ ▽ ` ) 💝~💝~💝~💝~💝 Music: Natsumi Kon – Niji no Kakera #Sketch #Characters #Fox #Wolf #Friends #Spring #Love #Himelin #Something #Birthday #Card #Gift #Pencildrawing
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