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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is item?

In pixiv Sketch, what users posted is called as item.

Q. What is wall?

In pixiv Sketch, the page items making a list is called as wall (in other services, this is usually called as timeline).

Q. What is Resnap?

Resnap is re-posting other's item.

When you Resnap item, it will show in your wall, or your followers' wall.

In the same way, when your followings Resnap something, it will show in your wall.

When you find your favorite item, let's introduce it to others.

Q. What is reply?

Reply is posting an item by replying other's item.

The item you post as a reply will show in the item's page you reply.

Q. What is Redraw?

Redraw is allow other users to duplicate, to overwrite and to contribute your item.

To grant Redrawable permission to other user, post with option "Make this item redrawable".

Following image is Redrawable indicator.

Q. Which environment and browser recommended?

If you are using PC

We recommend the latest version of above browsers.

If you are using iPhone

If you are using Android

Q. Which browsers support Sketch LIVE?

We recommend the latest version of above browsers.

It is planned to expand in the future.

Q. How can I use pen pressure with draw mode?

The browser corresponding to the pen pressure is as follows.

If you are using Wacom products, please turn on the option "Use digital ink function" from tablet property.

Q. What should I do if the draw mode does not start?

Hardware acceleration

If the following error occurs, hardware acceleration may be disabled.

Please enable hardware acceleration with your browser.

Cannot read property ‘VERTEX_SHADER’ of undefined

It does not fix even if hardware acceleration is enabled

If your use Google Chrome, you may fix the problem by making special settings.

Please enter the following url in the address bar and open the setting.


Please press "Enable" in the item with yellow highlight (Override software rendering list).

A dialog will ask you to restart, so restart Google Chrome.

Q. I want to change after the @

URL of the user profile page after @ can be changed by changing the pixiv ID.

See [here] (http://www.pixiv.net/info.php?id=3859) to change pixiv ID.

Q. What happens if I change the pixiv ID?

If you change pixiv ID, URL of the user profile page will change.

Please note, URL of the user profile page will be a broken link. (URL of illust will not change)

Q. I want to deactivate my account.

You can deactivate your account from setting page.

After deactivate, you will not be able to access all of your data.

Even if you deactivate account on pixiv Sketch, account on pixiv will not be affected.

If you are using iOS or Android app

  • Android: You can deactivate your account from setting view.
  • iOS: Not supported, please contact from setting view.

Q. I have resigned pixiv, but my account still remains on pixiv Sketch.

Accounts of pixiv Sketch are magaged independently of those of pixiv. You need another resignation process.

You cannot log in pixiv Sketch if you resign pixiv.

We are sorry for the invonvenience, but please contact with the following two infomation.

  1. The mail address you registered to pixiv.
  2. Account ID(url of sketch, or pixiv id)